Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The little black (T-shirt) dress

Last night I went out for dinner for the boyfriend's birthday. Not only was the food amazing, but I was pretty chuffed with my outfit and makeup. I wore my Mika and Gala black T-shirt dress (which has sheer panels on the neck/sleeves and mid drift), my ASOS 'EMPOWER' leather boots, and TopShop leather jacket. I wish I could have snapped some better pictures, but there's only so much an iPhone 4 can do.

R x

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bad Asse

Very simple #ootd today, but it makes me feel like a bad asse. Wearing a simple black midi dress from Supre (as embarrassing as that is they do pretty alright quality basics), checkered shirt that I thrifted, TopShop leather jacket, and my Docs. Getting a lot more used to wearing tight or bodycon clothing; yay for body confidence right. 

R x

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The satin singlet.

Today's outfit: a satin blue/grey high neck singlet (looking like something Britney would have worked circa 2000), high-waisted jeans, Docs, shaggy cardigan, and the fedora. The top was only $13 from Temt, and drags me right back to my primary school, fashion-crime days: loves it. 

R x

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling on point.

Today was the first time, in nearly forever, that I was not in a rush to work. I actually managed to look how I want to look for once!
I wore a white, scallop-hem, came dress by Mika & Gala, my TopShop leather jacket, and 1460 Doc Martens. 
Granted I took a selfie.
R x

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Winters wants.

Winters wants.

Vintage style lingerie

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup

So winter is upon us here in New Zealand, and these are some of the staples that I am dying to get my hands on.
I'm loving the rise of the turtleneck on the fashion blogger scene. I even ordered this turtleneck jumper for myself a couple of weeks back, only to have in sent back to Nastygal because I sent it to the wrong address. (It wasn't a good day that day.) Also on my list are the all well over-exposed New Balance trainers, a classic white blouse, the beautiful Lulu bra from Lonely Hearts, and Heroine by MAC (seeing as I lost my Russian Red MAC lipstick clubbing a couple months back).

What's on your Winter wishlist?

R x

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I feel as though an introduction/ explanation is compulsory for your first blog post, so here we go:

My name is (quite obviously) Rebecca and I am a marketing student, studying some media and journalism on the side. I also work for a national retail fashion chain here in New Zealand. I hope to become a social media/ marketing executive in fashion once my study is finished. 
I am starting this blog as practice and experimentation in "freelance" journalism. I've always wanted to start a blog, and so now, with the need to have some experience in writing outside education, I have started to begin one. Whether I am actually able to maintain this is another story. 
I promise you that the rest of my blog entries will not be this boring and formal; in fact I intend on primarily focusing on fashion. I'm a bit of a rookie at it, but if you like what you see please follow me on my journey through fashion blogger-hood

R x